It’s Almost May, Who’s Still Shredding?

The season has come to an end just about everywhere below 9,000 feet elevation. If you’re still itching to make some turns and you don’t want to earn them hiking, your options get thinner every day. Besides the usual suspects (Whistler, Mt. Hood, Snowbird, etc.) there are a handful of resorts still open for shredding, the ones in CO don’t surprise me but there are a few on this list that you probably wouldn’t have considered this late in the year:

  • Arapahoe Basin, CO
  • Loveland Pass, CO
  • Killington, VT (plans to remain open until May 2)
  • Mammoth, CA (plans to remain open until July 4)

This is by no means a comprehensive list, so feel free to add to the list in the comments below (I’m sure Alyeska, AK is still open for business right now).   FYI: Southern Hemisphere doesn’t count.

I’ve heard grumblings of another storm possibly making its way through the Wasatch. If true, Snowbird may remain open possibly as late as July 4. Look for Whistler/Blackcomb to be about the same. Mount Hood/Timberline typically closes to the public on Memorial Day weekend, but you may be able to arrange advance-purchase for passes over the summer months.


2 thoughts on “It’s Almost May, Who’s Still Shredding?

  1. Jay Peak is closed this week but planning to re-open May 1st/2nd. I was riding there yesterday April 25th. There isn’t much snow left, only 4 trails are open, but it was fun.

  2. Mt high May 2nd

    … and yes true about the Wasatch .. were looking at high in the 40 and 50s after tomorrow .. with rain in the SLC valley most of the next 7 days… should be good snow up at The Bird … ill tip some beer out for you when I exit the Tram lol!

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