Keeping the Shred Alive

You’re probably tired of reading about my Wasatch/Sierra/Teton/Cascade/Rockies envy, so here’s a curveball: Mountain Creek put on a fundraiser event last weekend called “Stockpile” which was basically a rail/jib-jam in 80-degree weather. Participants paid about $10 each to raise money to build a skateboard park in Vernon, New Jersey. It’s nice to see resorts giving back to the community and sponsoring events like this.

Stockpile Session Quickie from Mountain Creek on Vimeo.

My only question is: where did they get all that snow?

So, you missed the Stockpile event, too? Well, if you’re not doing anything over the Memorial Day weekend… Mount Snow will be jamming with the Peace Pipe event May 29 — and because one day of summer shred is never enough, Stratton (a mere 20 miles away) is hosting the Mountain Mayhem rail jam on May 30 (via Mike Doyle at

I am just crazy enough to consider driving to an event like the Stockpile next year, but a two-fer in May on the Ice Coast would be hard to pass up. Memo to Stratton and Mount Snow: you will have a few representatives from Michigan if you host these events again next year!

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