Liko Smith Fires Remo Polselli, Bans Him From Sugar Loaf

UPDATE: There has been some confusion about this article, which is satire. The source of this confusion is probably the fact that Liko’s own press releases, while intended to be serious, literally read this badly. Enjoy.

Traverse City, MI — Extreme Entrepreneur Liko Smith has fired Remo Polselli, his employer at New California Hotel, and banned him from contact with the Rok or Sugar Loaf due to a recent false interview with the Glen Arbor Sun. Polselli had sold Sugar Loaf to Smith for 10 cents on the dollar, but when Smith learned that Polselli’s investment company had failed to record the deed conveying title Smith began to sense that something was amiss.

Liko Smith, the World's Most Extreme CEO

Liko Smith, the World’s Most Extreme CEO

Eventually, Smith discovered Polselli’s true intentions to defraud him of the property, keeping Smith’s money and not giving him the property as promised.

Polselli recently gave an interview to the Glen Arbor Sun claiming differently. He claims that he is the owner, through his share in Rock Investment Advisors, LLC, and that Liko Smith has no — nor has had any — part of Rock Investments.

Sugar Loaf MI

An undated picture from a commercial real estate listing

Smith laughs at the notion.

“He said I never owned the place but Remo, he is my good friend, he sold me Sugar Loaf for 10 cents on the dollar. He claims I never owned the resort, but a deposit has been made. I have a share purchase ownership agreement with the holding company who has relinquished all control of the site and anyways I do not think that the question of ownership is really interesting. We need to move forward with the process of opening the resort!”

“My investor for Sugar Loaf is a real person that has walked to the top of Sugar Loaf with me and felt the moldy toilets. Not a convicted felon like Remo Polselli.”

“As to Jacob Wheeler, my hat is off to him for his investigative skills but I give him an F on objectivity. This is why people like me, stay away from reporters. Now let’s get back to doing the real work of opening this mountain!” says Smith.



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