Meadowlands Snow Park: First Indoor Slope in North America

It looks like North America is about to get its first fridge.¬† Snow Park Meadowlands is set to happen at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. I’m not sure exactly what the timeline is (the Meadowlands project is still in the construction phase) but it will be cool to finally see a snow dome in the US.

The SnowPark will feature skiing, snowboarding, novice slopes, lessons and a snowplay area for youngsters to get lost in a winter wonderland. The 800-foot long indoor snow facility is the first in North America.

I’ve mentioned before that I am surprised the dryslope/snow dome concept hasn’t really come over here from the UK/Euro-land so I’m glad someone is finally giving it a go. Unfortunately, the Meadowlands project is going to boast a bunch of other stuff that appeals mainly to the outlet mall crowd, like a giant Ferris wheel emblazoned with the PepsiCo logo, and an enormous movie theater, so you can be guaranteed that getting there will be a hassle, you’ll have to park 3 miles from the nearest door, and the place will be perpetually overrun with gapers.

I’ve never jonesed for snow bad enough to go make turns in a mall, but I would consider it if I could go there on say a random Tuesday evening in July and work on that 270 hardway. So hopefully they take a page out of the UK playbook and incorporate some freestyle features (at least) or even dedicate a few sessions each weak to only freestyle progression.

The outdoor snow park in Niagara Falls, NY, failed to attract enough business to remain operating and after only a few seasons has been converted to an “Indian-themed trading post”.¬† Only time will tell whether this is merely a novelty attraction, or something that will actually contribute to the sport by giving participants¬† a venue to work on their skills year-round. I am pessimistic, to say the least, but I want this to succeed, so that maybe they will open other, similar venues throughout the East, Mid-Atlantic, and Mid-West.

So what do you think? Is this going to be gapers galore or are they going to do it right?


7 thoughts on “Meadowlands Snow Park: First Indoor Slope in North America

  1. Are they actually opening it finally? It’s been in plans for years, originally as part of the Xanadu complex, but only the stadium has opened. Ironically, part of the SnowDome’s wall crumbled because of heavy snow last winter. I think they ran out of funding to keep building. Every time I drive past it, I just wish for it to open up.

    1. Funny you should mention that… I almost commented that this project seems like 50% mega mall, 50% amusement park, and 50% pipe dream… I remember reading about similar plans for a dome in Florida that fell through on financing a while back.

      I read about it yesterday, checked out the website and it appears to be somewhat current but I don’t have any secret local knowledge.

      1. I wish I had extra local knowledge – signed up for the mailing list a year ago and haven’t heard anything since. I’d definitely hit it up two or three times an offseason.

  2. I’m not surprised there is one in Arizona or out west for that matter for real hot summers! Where the X games are popular now this is perfect!

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