Michigan Ski Resorts Snowball Run

I was inspired by a piece in the latest Snowboarder Mag where Pat Bridges and some guys went on a Snowball Run through the state of Vermont, aiming for 12 ski resorts in 24 hours.  Knowing that Michigan is second only to New York state in terms of ski resorts, I figured I’d try to work out something similar.

Plans subject to change, of course, but this is what I come up with in about 20 minutes on google maps.

Michigan Ski Areas Snowball Run

Proposed route for a "Snowball Run" through Michigan Ski Areas

The Route:

From home base, head west to Mt. Brighton, then Hawk Island, continue over to Cannonsburg in Grand Rapids, head north to Caberfae, Crystal Mountain, Mt Holiday in Traverse City (if they’re still open)

Then proceed northeasterly to the Schuss Mountain, Boyne Mountain, Boyne Highlands, Nub’s Nob before turning back south towards Treetops, and then to Snow Snake (is that still a real place?) and Apple Mountain, before rounding out the Snowball Run at Mt. Holly, Pine Knob and Alpine Valley.

That’s 17 ski areas, Google says 14 hours of driving, which only leaves 10 for shredding and sleeping…

Is it doable?

I don’t know. I think the route needs some tweaking.  If we drop Bittersweet (it’s kinda out of the loop) and Mt. Holiday (which I’m not sure is even open) then that shaves a few hours off the driving time down to about 12 hours.   A few of the places I’m not sure are still operating (Mt. Holiday, Snow Snake) or if I re-work the route so that it’s the same general flow but putting the endpoints farther apart, we waste less time doing the “circuit”, which might also make it more manageable.

I think the goal of 12 ski resorts in 24 hours is easily doable in the Mitten. The challenges is seeing how many more you can bag while criss-crossing the less-populated parts of the state.


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4 thoughts on “Michigan Ski Resorts Snowball Run

    • What else is down there besides Swiss Valley? Swiss Valley I felt like was too far out of the way, even Bittersweet might not make the final cut but if there’s more than just those two maybe I can play with the maps again. Of course I forgot I could also include Pando with the stop in Cannonsburg.

        • ahhh Mulligans is the other one I knew was over on the West side but couldn’t think of it, also TR. I’ll have to re-work my map but I think the limit is going to be something like 12-14 just given the distance between a lot of the places.

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