MRA Test Fest at Boyne Mountain

When I first read about the MRA Test Fest at Boyne Mountain (now with an additional indoor expo) I got super-excited because I thought it was a public event for people to come out and demo all the next season’s new gear.

Join us at Boyne Mountain Resort for our second year for winter/active/lifestyle apparel, ski/snowboard/nordic equipment, hardgood and softgood accessories, and numerous winter related products which will be highlighted. This combination event also allows Retailers to Demo all the new 2012 equipment. …This is THE show you don’t want to miss!

(Please note: Demo is scheduled February 7-9 and Inside Booth Displays February 8-10)

Unfortunately it’s not a public event, it’s an industry event sort of like our own little SIA for Michigan; only they don’t have any protocol for “journalists” you need to be a Rep in order to attend.

Fortunately, the good people at (a Michigan company) have invited me to Test Fest where I’ll do a grueling 2-day stint riding, testing and reviewing a bunch of 2012 snowboards for them. When the dust settles I should have a bunch of previews & reviews to share with you, here, too.

Stay tuned!


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