Mt. Bohemia – Road Trip

There’s a high probability we’ll be headed to glorious Mt. Bohemia over President’s Day Weekend in February. Drawn by the allure of a nearly 1,000 foot vertical, superb gladed runs, cornices and cliff drops, it’s supposed to be a snowboarding/skiing experience unlike anything East of the Rockies, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while and I actually did a lot of the planning/research last year.

Check out this video to see what it’s all about up there:

Although I’d love to do a full tour of the UP including a few other ski areas up there, I could only do that at the expense of our late-season trip out West, so an abbreviated road trip will have to suffice. This is what we’re looking at:

We’ll probably depart February 17 (Thursday) afternoon maybe 4ish and begin the 550+ mile drive.  I think we can make it all the way to Marquette by midnight, and crash there for the evening. From Marquette it is still a few hours to Bohemia so we will have to get up early in order to be on the slopes by 10am or so.

We’ll probably stay in Copper Harbor or Houghton to be close to the Michigan Tech University nightlife – whatever that may consist of.  From Houghton it is approximately 1 hour to Bohemia (North) and Ski Porkies (West).  As long as we’re all the way up there I’d like to get a Sno-Cat day at the Porkies just for good measure.

We’d have three days on the slopes – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – and then we’d spend all day on Monday driving home.


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