Mt. Holly – 12/29/2012

Headed up to Mt. Holly in the morning to catch up with a riding buddy who’s in town for the holidays after relocating to Denver. Here’s the scoop on conditions & park report.

After receiving 9″ of snow over the last few days the conditions were just about as good as groomed midwest trails will ever be. Soft but not too heavy snow and good coverage. Temps in the mid- to high-20’s with minimal wind and some flurries in the air, it was pretty much a perfect day for lapping the park.

Mt. Holly - snow white terrain park

Although the parking lot was super full when I got there, aside from a little congestion at the top of the lifts, the slopes weren’t like Chinese Downhill or anything and the lift lines were small to non-existent. It probably helped that we spent much of the day lapping the terrain park (God bless tow ropes…) and could avoid most of the crowds that way.

The Snow White terrain park had maybe a 10 footer and a small roller that you could pop good air from. Also on Snowstream there was another jump about the same size and a transfer lip you could hit to the same landing.

The jib line consisted of their mailbox rail which is maybe like 16′ long, the shotgun rail (down) and the corrugated elbow/redirect at the bottom. No boxes yet.


Mue high performance hoodie, zeach boardslide


Mt. Holly is currently about 95% open, running double sessions from 9am to 11pm through January 2, at holiday rates, after which they resume their normal schedule and pricing.

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