Mt. Holly Opening Day 2010

It has been cold enough the last 2 nights that Mt. Holly had been blowing all their guns just to get a few trails open for Thanksgiving weekend. The “snow” wasn’t very good but in fairness it was better than I had anticipated, mostly hardpack with a little bit of ice here and there but it was easy to stay clear of it. There were only three trails and one chair open but it was good to meet up with a few guys from and just get on the snow and ride for a few hours.

The video was shot entirely on my GoPro® HD Hero. I didn’t mount it, just used it as a hand-held camera.  The HD really makes stuff look better! All in all though it’s not much of a video but this is what opening day is like here in Michigan. Slopes are pretty much empty only a few die hards. There was a tiny bit of park, maybe 2 or 3 jib features set up leftover from the PreJib earlier in the day but the lineup to hit anything was crazy so we stayed away and just cruised groomers.

Opening day at Mt Holly, MI – GoPro HD Hero


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