Mt. Holly Opening Day 2012

So I think this is the third year in a row I’ve made it to Mt. Holly’s season opener and this year mother nature has not been kind to us. Fortunately their investments/upgrades in snowmaking now allow them to do a partial open on as few as three days notice with snowmaking temps and they were able to pull that off again this year.

View from the chair on opening day at Mt. Holly, November 28, 2012
View from the chair on opening day at Mt. Holly, November 28, 2012

Conditions were firm/hardpack to start out at 3pm when they opened but softened up under traffic, only to regain the icy composure a few hours later when the sun had gone down.

Someone’s been paying attention because a mini park was set up including three features: a ride-on box, a large corrugated redirect, and a shotgun rail.

I think only three trails were open but crowds were minimal and the high-speed quad was spinning so that meant no waiting and hot laps.

Leo & Sam reported similar conditions on Thursday. I returned on Saturday morning trying to squeeze in one more day before the heat wave rushes through and destroys the meager base they’ve been able to lay so far. Conditions were spring-slush with lots of bare patches starting to form but there were a total of 5 trails open. The park setup had changed slightly as the redirect had turned in to two features (one set up perpendicular like a wall-ride type jib feature) but the shotgun rail and box remained and were in good enough shape to session all day.

Mt. Holly, Saturday December 1, 2012
Foggy & slushy, March conditions in December (Saturday 12/1/2012)

Warm temps in the foreseeable future and also rain, which might mean an extended hiatus on shred until normal winter temps resume and they can make some more snow…

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