Mt. Holly Opening Day – November 13, 2013

Early in the week Mt. Holly Ski & Snowboard Resort teased that they might open as early as Wednesday afternoon; the earliest season opener for them, ever.

The anticipation had been killing me because with only two days of snowmaking it was anything but a sure thing; there was a chance that they might not open and with warm temps in the weekend forecast, it may be a while before we got another opportunity.  But still, I packed my kit and slapped the ugliest coat of wax on my Arbor (no, seriously I’m embarrassed it was so half-assed), and waited.  On Wednesday morning, they announced it officially: 3PM opening, $20 lift tickets.

Conditions were firm but ride-able, and the air was surprisingly cold for this time of year. Although there was less snow than last year, it’s also 15 days earlier (last year they opened on 11/28), and on November 13, I’ll take whatever I can get.  

Still, the main Woodward trail was wall-to-wall snow with some crunchy side goodness and iced over shrub jibs and ruts to ollie.  Crowds were sparse until 5ish when the after-work crowd showed up but fortunately by then they opened Canyon, and it was only a few minutes before some regulars had hauled out the shotgun rail, the large corrugated and were quick at work building a small jump off one of the ridges on Canyon which has a steeper pitch and the frozen shrubs and whatnot on the banks of the trail gave you some more options for getting your shred on.

Mike got this awesome shot from the chairlift:

Mt. Holly Opening Day 2013
Mt. Holly Opening Day 2013

The immediate forecast looks like a shutdown is in order for the weekend, and in to early next week, although snow-making temps should return by Tuesday or Wednesday.

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