Mt. Holly – Trail Report 1/13/2013

With daytime high forecasted close to 60F on Saturday skiing and snowboarding was probably the last thing on a lot of people’s minds but instead of doing responsible adult things like taking down the Christmas lights, I met some friends up at Mt. Holly for the day.

View from the chairlift over Mozart at Mt. Holly, 1/13/2013
View from the chairlift over Mozart at Mt. Holly, 1/13/2013

After several days of warm temps the cover was getting noticeably thin in places, and as expected the terrain park was out of order. The jump line consisted of 4 features: jump, volcano, jump, jump. The volcano feature is super fun. Overall the snow was slushy but fast, that kind of hit-or-miss weather in the 50s sometimes gives you great spring corn and sometimes gives you suction-wet-carpet-snow. We got the corn and were intent on farming it all day. Until Sam broke his back overshooting one of the jumps.

That put a damper on the day and it wasn’t quite the same after he got carted off by patrol.

After closing for a few days for maintenance, Mt. Holly re-opened today with special discounted lift ticket prices.

The inside line is that there is a whole lot of snowmaking going on, and as for the park is “Don’t expect much until the end of the week.”  I think it is safe to assume there will be a good build for the holiday weekend, as their crew  is working diligently on getting in back in riding shape with good features & lines.

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