Nokia x Burton App for Windows Phone

Nokia and Burton have teamed up again to develop an exclusive smartphone app, dedicated for snowboarders. It’s free and currently available through the Windows Phone Store for Nokia Lumia 620, 820 and 920 smartphones. Hopefully they will eventually make it available to iPhone and Android devices, because it’s got some cool handy functionality.

Downloading the app was pretty easy, and it’s intuitive to navigate. The main menu focuses on the three primary features: Sequencer, Forecast and Tune-up.

Sequencer allows you to shoot video up to 30 seconds and create an image sequence to share on social sites like FB and Twitter. I have not had a chance to test this out. Forecast does pretty much what you’d expect. And Tune-Up gives you some preloaded playlists, each for a different mood or riding style.

There is a media/news page that gives you access to vides, news, streaming events, etc.

The “Nearby” feature shows you a list of nearby resorts, and then you can get weather & snow reports from them.

Finally there’s the Burton Store which links you directly to Burton’s site for gear.

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