Nokia/Burton US Open – Day 1

Finally made it to the condo about 1am local time, did the lockbox check-in thing and walk to the condo only to find someone already sleeping on the couch. Whatever. Couch dude confirmed that Avran from was in this condo so at least I didn’t walk in on Brooke from in the middle of the night or some other stranger that I’ve never met before. That would’ve probably ended with a frantic call to 9-1-1 and me getting an all expenses paid trip to Summit County Jail.

After the front desk fixed the SNAFU we got our stuff together and headed out to Vail to search for fresh tracks in the trees. A few inadvertent mogul runs later, we found a decent tree line before heading in to lunch (thanks Burton & Nokia).

After lunch we scoped the slopestyle course from the chairlift while lapping the mini park. Vail really built some massive jumps and the 600-foot halfpipe looked pristine.

I looked for a few more lines after lunch. There was some good looking terrainoff the sides but being unfamiliar with the territory — and more importantly, not seeing many tracks down which would show me a way “out” — I stayed predominately on groomed runs until I took the gondy up a few more times. Settling for some good, accessible terrain beneath the gondola that had relatively easy outs. None of those dips and turns that disappear in to God knows where. The final run of the day was a bit of steeps in a pretty gnarly section over near Pumphouse. Called it quits in the afternoon and settled down on the deck with a beer to watch the last bit of today’s halfpipe action from the big screen. Louie Vito throw down a pretty rad final run in semis today and then on Shaun White’s last run he fell on his first air.

Tomorrow I will try to get a little closer to the action and some better shots.   Thanks to Nokia for sending me to cover the Open this year.

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