Opening Weekend FAIL

Early in the week, Mt. Brighton began promising to open on or before December 3rd. A little ambitious, but hell, “open” just requires one chair (I’d count it even if it was just a rope/t-bar) and a white ribbon of death so it’s not that much of a “promise”.

  • On Wednesday, they said “May OPEN tomorrow, Thursday Dec 1st from 3:00pm – 9:00pm… SWEET”.
  • On Thursday they said they’d possibly open on Friday.
  • On Friday they said possibly Saturday – check back later.
  • Later, it was “tentatively noon to 9pm Saturday”.
  • Later still, posted a video around 11pm on Friday, blowing snow.

Everyone woke up on Saturday, and checked the website to discover that Scumbag Steve is the new employee of the month and he has been trolling their social media accounts with promises they can’t keep.


Maybe if they had been a little less busy blowing smoke up our collective asses, they could’ve blown more snow on the hill.

What they should’ve done

The three other local hills were playing a much more conservative hand, sticking to the tried-and-true “Our crews are on call and as soon as mother nature cooperates we’ll be open”.  I can forgive Brighton for the nonsense about a Thursday opener. That’s pre-season excitement, I get it. But once they failed to deliver on Thursday, they should’ve done a mea culpa, taken a step back and said, “You know what we were overly ambitious. We are still going to try to open this weekend but we can’t promise it anymore because Mother Nature is a bitch. Cross your fingers and with a little luck we’ll see you Saturday!”

Instead, they continued to string us along.

Bad for business

Stringing people along is totally unprofessional, and it can’t be good for business.

It’s because of things like this that people stay home when the park is in all time spring conditions in March. It’s because of things like this that people have a bad taste in their mouth about your hill. It’s because of things like this that people like me buy season passes to resorts four hours away, instead of staying local.

I totally appreciate that the weather is beyond their control – I’m just not sure they do.



One thought on “Opening Weekend FAIL

  1. what a bummer. agree that they should have been more up front and managed expectations..not good to make promises you can’t deliver on!

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