Outsourced Lifestyle Journalism

image from Scribendi.com

I’m curious to know which mag is trying to outsource the creation of their surf/skate/snow content with this listing for Daily Online Lifestyle Writer – Surf/Skate/Snow

Online surf/skate/snow lifestyle magazine seeks short-form blog writer for daily entry assignments. Tasked with curating existing online stories, to be rewritten and published specifically for the magazine’s website. Position is ongoing with room for growth.

Also notice that they’re┬áprimarily interested in “curating existing online stories to be rewritten” e.g., plagiarized and re-purposed so that we can generate ad revenue off someone else’s work. Who does that? A hack publication, that’s who and if I knew who it was I’d definitely be naming names.

The job was posted by a PCLance which appears to be some third-party SEO firm or some junk. So it’s entirely possible that some unwitting editor hired this SEO firm to help drive traffic to their site without any knowledge that they’d be scraping and re-purposing other people’s content for their own gain.

For the record I don’t really give a shit if you want to steal my content as long as you give credit back to me as the original author and link back to my site. If you’re stealing content and pretending to re-write it as your own, then you’re just a giant douche.

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