Pine Knob Terrain Parks Report – 1/1/2013

I rang in the new year sliding a few hours up at Pine Knob, slightly colder and winder than it’s been most of this winter so far. Snow was varying conditions, loose granular to hardpack to icy patches baring through here & there but that’s to be expected after a week of holiday crowds.

It’s pretty clear Pine Knob is pushing for great parks again this winter. Pine Knob boasts three terrain parks, all of which are now fully open,. They aren’t quite in peak-season form yet, but they’re getting there! Details below.

Pine Knob, Chair #5
Pine Knob, Chair #5


Snowbird had a quad jump line, all in the 15-20′ range. Usually they have one or two bigger than this, but there hasn’t been enough snow yet. Lips were a little worn down by 5pm but overall they looked to be in pretty good shape.

Snowbird can be accessed from every chairlift except #1 and #4.

The Pinery

The beginner park is always a bit of a mess, on account of being full of beginners who don’t know any etiquette. There was a flat bar, maybe an 8-footer up top that was hit or miss because half the time all the kids camp out in the landing to hit only the box features.  Two boxes parallel, I think one was 2ft wide and the other 3ft wide, longer like 12 or 16 footers probably, so great features to practice & progress on.  The right side of Pinery is always a little bit of tranny, so there’s some hip-like hits and usually a jump or so carved up to the deck.

Pine Knob - Pinery Terrain Park
Pinery Terrain Park, with view of Snowbird jump line in the background

The Pinery can be accessed from its own tow rope, and also is accessible from chairlifts 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, although #4 is the shortest ride and shortest line, as long as it’s running.


Timberline park was the best park in Southeast Michigan last year, according to me.  It was set up with a load of features from a street rail that I taco’d, multiple box features like flat-down, an up/down, a long flat box, a large diameter pipe, a small step-up jump at the very bottom, and maybe a few more. These features tend to be gap- or ollie-on rather than the Pinery which is basically ride-on. By my count they had maybe half as many features as they did towards the end of last year, so I’m looking for them to add a few more as winter sets in and the snow falls a little more.

Pine Knob's Timberline Terrain Park
I should've taken a better picture of the Timberline Park

Timberline is also accessible from its own tow rope, and from all chairs except #1, with #5 and #6 being the closest.

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