Pine Knob Terran Park Report – 1/5/2013

Current as of January 5, 2012. Warm weather in the forecast including some rain and approaching 55F this weekend may put a slight damper on your stunt-sticking plans, but the good news is that all of Pine Knob’s parks are open and in pretty prime shape.

Snowbird – Currently a quad jump line, mediumish to large by Midwest standards, looked to be in the 20+ range.

Pinery – The tranny wall with a hip is fully covered, flat bar, and two boxes (2′ wide and 3′ wide) both about 16′ long.

Timberline – the big boy park is again killing it with three lines of 4 features each, from rider’s right to left, up top:

  1. Long down box, up-flat box, wide diameter pipe, elevated flat box and a kinda-sorta hip to the right.
  2. Shotgun rail, combo flat-up-flat-down-flat box, elevated flat bar gap to another flat bar, up-flat box.
  3. Skinny rail, up-flat-down battleship style bar, enormous rainbow feature with about a 20′ hip hit on the side, step-up jump at the bottom.
Timberline Terrain Park as of Jan 5, 2013
View from the top of Timberline Terrain Park as of Jan 5, 2013

There are still some unused features that are normally in the rotation so expect them to change it up a little bit throughout the remainder of the season.

I'll admit I shiftied this one but at least it's not wicked zeached
I'll admit I shiftied this one but at least it's not wicked zeached
Brad getting rad on the down box with a 50/50

2 thoughts on “Pine Knob Terran Park Report – 1/5/2013

    1. yah that happens especially later in the day, that’s my only real grip about both PK and Mt. Holly is they need to do more grooming of the lips & landings throughout the day. Cannonsburg for example rakes lips & landings like every other hour, so they never get too beat up.

      Pinery is almost always a cluster of kids getting in the way, Timberline is *usually* much better, but sometimes gets crowded like that, although that rope gets shut down constantly from people snaking it.

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