Pine Knob Trail & Park Report – 1/20/2013

Should’ve ridden Saturday which would’ve been another legendary spring corn session in January. Instead, I opted for Sunday to hook up for a few with Jon from Parx. I haven’t been able to ride with him yet this season so it was good to meet up and take a few laps.

Overnight the temps dropped 20 degrees in an hour and wind was gusting upwards of 40 mph. All of what had been slush on Saturday was frozen solid ice on Sunday. It was absolutely bulletproof. The corduroy from the groomers was still there at 2pm. Riding over it was like going over rumble strips on the freeway. It sounded like nails on a chalkboard – hands down the iciest conditions I’ve ridden in several years.

The jump line on Snowbird is a little sketchy, relatively big jumps packed too closely together — there is room on that trail for a solid triple line, but they’ve squeezed in a 20+ foot hip at the bottom. The hip was super fun but it really interfered with the proper spacing that is needed for decent sized jumps.

View of the jump line at Pine Knob from the chairlift
View of the jump line at Pine Knob from the chairlift

The parks are set up quite nicely. Timberline is still boasting 3 or 4 lines of about 15 or so larger features including a hip/rainbow combo, a few rails, some pipes and boxes. The smaller park at Pinery has a flat bar, a dance floor box, a medium-wide box and a small jump in addition to a hip & quarterpipe style wall feature.

Pine Knob's Timberline terrain park area
Pine Knob's Timberline terrain park area

We took a few laps in the big park before all admitting that it was too icy to be much fun, dabbled on the jump line for a bit and spent the rest of the day lapping a few features in the Pinery park just for shits & grins to make the most of icy conditions.

Can’t blame the resort for icy conditions, here’s to hoping for some fresh snow to cover that sheet of ice, or milder temps to soften it up again, soon!


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