Preview: K2 Daniel Franck Whales Reissue

For those of you waiting for reissue decks from brands other than Burton, you’re in luck. Of course, other brands have done reissues past and present: Sims reissued the Palmer Clown this year, D-Day Snowboards put out a Mike Ranquet graphic, Stepchild had a few throwback-inspired graphics not too long ago just to name a few. Now, it looks like K2 (yes, that K2 which was on the chopping block as recently as a few months ago) will be reissuing the Daniel Franck “Whales” graphic for 2017/2018.

k2 daniel franck whales - OG base
K2 Daniel Franck “whales” – OG base

K2 has previously reissued some old school graphics, notably the Gyrator series. The reissue will be a limited run of the K2 Happy Hour with the Franck Whales graphic.

k2 Franck Whale Reissue base

k2 Franck Whale Reissue topsheet

Details: Based on the all new Happy Hour, the Franck will be offered in normal sizes 154 and 157, with extra-wide inserts to allow for a true OG 1994 stance of up to 28″.

Thanks to Charles for the leak photos, although these are taken from a trade show booth so it’s not exactly classified info!

Note: We originally reported this board would be based on the K2 Fastplant, this article has been updated with additional detail and to indicate the board will be based on the Happy Hour.

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