Progress and Perspective

Looking at how far the sport has come in the last 15-20 years, it’s clear that snowboarders are just like trophy wives: no matter how good you are, tomorrow there will eventually be younger hotter shit than you.  I remember riding on an X-Games qualifying course at Mont Tremblant back in ’97 which was like most ski areas’ beginner parks today. Maybe I am exaggerating a bit but here is Daniel Franck in 1996, about a year before he won the slopestyle gold at X-Games 1.

Contrast that with 2011. Everywhere you look there is some kid like this who is just ripping shit.

I’m not gonna lie there is a little part of me that gets kinda bent when I see some kid killing it better than I ever will.  I try to channel that, but a lot of people I think plateau and lose interest and it stops being fun when they stop progressing quickly and when they realize that today’s kids are better than they are and tomorrows kids are going to fly in on a helicopter and bang their moms and girlfriends before lighting their boards on fire.

I blame society and fast food. But seriously don’t worry about what other people are doing. The only person you need to be “better” than is yourself.

So think about stomping a new trick for the first time or on a new feature, or that adrenaline rush when you pull out the sketchiest of sketch landings and you know you should’ve ate shit but didn’t.  Do you remember what that feels like?

Totally. Fuckin’. Awesome. Amiright?

My point is that no matter how pro you or, no matter how amateur you are, there will always be someone who comes up and is better than you. Don’t forget that snowboarding is supposed to be fun, so if you’re not having fun you’re doing it wrong.





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