Earlier today we learned that Adam Yauch, a/k/a the Beastie Boys’ “MCA” has passed away, succumbing to cancer he’d been battling since 2009. Yauch will be missed by fans worldwide.

Because I’ve got the flow where I grab my dick and say ‘OH MY GOD! That’s some funky shit!’

No rhyme or reason I just always loved that line.

The ultimate crossover artists, punk rock jewish kids from the bronx turned hip hop superstars the Beastie Boys’ special blend of punk rock and hip-hop-infused-punk and punk-infused-hippity-jazz or whatever type of music they’ve been making for the last 30 years has been a big part of the snow and skate culture for the last 30 years.

Also, in his younger days MCA loved to ride his stunt stick. Here he is with Craig Kelly:

Craig Kelly and Adam "MCA" Yauch
Craig Kelly and Adam "MCA" Yauch

‘Cause downtown Brooklyn is where I was born but when the snow is falling, then I am gone You might think that I’m a fanatic A call from Utah and I’m throwing a panic

Google turned up this video of Yauch shredding Valdez, AK. The riding starts about 30 seconds in…

And here’s some more choice cuts from the Beastie Boys.

2 thoughts on “RIP MCA

  1. Not to take away from all these snowboard “pioneers” or to get all poetic about Adams influence on music and life style and blah blah blah…


    he is missed dearly.

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