The Rope Tow: A Humble Lift

The Rope Tow is the most humble lift of all. It’s literally the first ever ski lift used to pull people up hill.  You would think such history would make it cocky but no, rope tow don’t care. Rope Tow runs quickly, it runs reliably, and pulls lots of people up the hill.  Rope tow doesn’t care where you get on and rope tow doesn’t care where you get off. It’s just happy you joined it for a ride.

Taking the rope up the Monster City Park, wall-ride feature to the left
Taking the rope up the old Monster City Park, wall-ride feature to the left.

Rope Tow is long forgotten in most mountain resorts, but the Midwest uses the rope tow to power terrain parks where riders get more laps per hour than anywhere else. The reason Trollhaugen and Yawgoo produces great park riders?  4 hours worth of riding can be had in an hour of rope tow laps.  Rope tow breeds creativity.


Rope Tow doesn’t only provide us with great days because of fast laps in the park, but it also provides us with entertainment as Jerry is often very confused by the rope tow. People get ripped out of skis and dragged up the hill on boards, all for our entertainment.

Rope Tow also doesn’t shut down due to wind.  When the chairs become to dangerous to ride, Rope Tow will be there waiting for you to give it some love.  Officially making it more loyal and reliable than your ex.

Time to go to the rope tow boys and girls….


Rope Tow will try and destroy your gloves.  That’s why many of us have glove protectors or Kinco gloves. I promise you though, this is just rope tow wanting to feel the warmth of your hands.  It gets awfully cold running in a trench in the snow.

So here’s to you Rope Tow: Thanks for powering Midwest terrain parks while providing us with your humor. We will always remember you.  Maybe some day you will make a return to the Rocky Mountains.

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