Should You Take an Early Season Trip?

It’s that time of year,with Thanksgiving marking the official start for the winter season at most resorts, the snow’s falling and you want to ride, should you take an early season trip and get some of that snow?

The bullwheels have started spinning at the bigger resorts on both coasts. Your friends are posting pics of their first slashes and crews are dropping the season’s first park edits, you’ve got a long weekend coming up and you’re ready to shred.

But there’s no snow anywhere within 600 miles of you. You’re completely and totally screwed.

And then you remember that your sitting on enough frequent flier miles to get you just about anywhere in the lower 48 for free. You could leave Friday and be on the slopes in Utah by lunch time no problem. Maybe you head East and fly in to Albany or Manchester and rent a car up to Vermont.

You could be on the slopes in Utah by lunchtime...

You’ve got options. Painful options, but you’ve got ’em. So you sit there comparing itineraries and looking at maps and your itchy trigger finger hovering over that mouse button ready to do or die, click now to reserve that ticket and be on your way to your first turns. Right?


Don’t waste your money or your frequent flier miles on the early season. I know what you’re going through and it sucks. But what sucks more is getting to April and remembering that you blew your miles on a weekend trip to a mountain that was only 10% open and covered in rocks.

If you can only extend your season in one direction, it’s always better to do it in April than it is in November. No questions asked. In April everything’s filled in, the snowpack is good, all the terrain will be open, parks will be prime, and instead of battling everyone else and dodging the rocks poking out from the white ribbon of death you’ll have the mountains mostly to yourself.

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