Shred Soles Review (Updated)

I got a pair of Shred Soles late in the season last year so my first review was just that: a first impression. But now with a few more days wearing the Shred Soles I wanted to update it. So far, everything I said in my initial review remains true:

I have always had a tough time with boots, only on my left foot which is probably a little larger than my right foot. Even after I break them in, I often feel pinched in the arch, or a weird cramping feeling. This usually only lasts for the first hour or so. Sometimes I can alleviate it by loosening the inner laces on my boots, but not always. This problem has persisted through three pairs of boots and three sets of bindings.

With the Shred Soles, that was gone. No pinch. No cramping. Nada. I rode all night and never thought about my boots, my feet, my arches, etc. Honestly, with the Shred Soles, it was like they weren’t even there, which is awesome. The last thing you want when you’re snowboarding is to have sore or uncomfortable feet.

I’ve ridden these in all conditions from 80 degree April slush (seriously) and icy pre-season groomers here in Michigan to near-perfect conditions at Breckenridge.  The Shred Soles are holding up great and my feet (and knees) have never felt better after back-to-back days of riding.

shred soles performance snowboard insoles

They are about twice as  thick as the stock insoles that came with my ThirtyTwo boots, and the arch support is way more robust than whatever crap the boot manufacturers give you, but I didn’t notice any discomfort even when breaking them in the first few days.

Shred Soles Performance Snowboard Boot Insoles are now available through for $45, and they are eligible for Prime Shipping.

Update (December 2015): Durability is not an issue, my first pair started to show some wear after about 80 days on snow, which for the average snowboarder is like 15 seasons of riding 5 or 6 days per winter. Even for the hardcore ski bum who is racking 100 days a winter, these should last.  My first pair are still being used in my dog-walking boots, and my second pair is going in to the third season of use.

Product Specs from

A: ShWedge™. Innovative ShWedge™ taper gives better performance by realigning ankles, knees, and hips to natural and balanced riding posture. Reduces stress on knees caused by wider stances.

B: Arch Support. DynArch is engineered specifically for snowboarding to maximize arch support and minimize strain and injury.

C: Heel Cup. Deep-well heel cup with firm high-riser sidewalls stabilizes heel and reduces friction from lateral foot movement.

D: Heel Plug. EVA heel plug absorbs shock. The plug passes through top and bottom surfaces for added support and cushioning.

E: Insole Base. Insole base is made of DuraShred™. Insole forms to your foot after extended wear. The material is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal for better foot health and comfort.

F: Top Cover. Polyester top cover breathes to circulate air throughout boot with each foot motion. ShredTex™ fabric is odor inhibiting, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal for better for health and comfort.

Note: I did receive a pair for free in order to demo and review them, but I am not being paid or otherwise compensated to offer an endorsement, review, or opinion of Shred Soles.

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