SIA Snow Show

The SIA Snow Show brings together all the companies and products in the snow sports industries for one glorious weekend in Colorado. I’d like to go just to see and touch everything, maybe meet some cool people, demo a few boards, at the on snow event.

If I was going to CO anyways, it might be worth a stop to check it out especially for the on-snow event but I’m not sure it would be worth the trip, by itself, especially since I wouldn’t get to put it on a corporate expense account, and spending money to go to the Show in January would mean less money/budget to spend on a longer trip later in the winter.

As a total outsider who doesn’t work in or for the snow sports industry, would it be worth it? Is it a cool event for a general audience?


One thought on “SIA Snow Show

  1. General admission doesn’t exist for SIA it’s industry people mainly retailers/manufacturers and down the line to finally media. From a meet and greet standpoint it’s awesome if you’re in the industry and promoting products and what not. The On Snow is OK it did get shitty as fuck moving it to Winter Park this year it needs to go back to Summit County or to a better resort.

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