Spy Platoon Goggle Review

I’ve been itching to get on the spherical bandwagon for a while now and I saw a great deal on these a few weeks ago from Thryll.com and I couldn’t resist the urge to grab a pair.

Conditions: Everything from bluebird to graybird to twilight.

spy platoon goggles

Fit & Helmet Compatibility:

Dave says: With the oversized trend and spherical lenses one issue that some people have is helmet compatibility. That said, I am using a Smith Maze helmet and these goggles fit fine with or without it. There were no funny pressure points across the bridge of my nose and the straps adjusted easily enough to get a nice tight fit even with gloves on.

Leo says: I use the Smith Variant helmet without a brim.  The Platoons fit perfectly with ample room for the strap.  This is saying a lot because I have a huge head and my helmet is Large as well.  I can still loosen the straps if I wanted to.  A huuuuuuuge plus for me is that the Platoons fit me!  Let’s face it, Asians do have flat faces.  This doesn’t translate well to goggle fitment as most models leave a gaping gap at the nose.  Some companies like Oakley make Asian fit, but then it increases the padding around the nose making the goggle protrude out further.


Dave says: Spy says they “collaborated with world-renowned Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, who is the best in class when it comes to optical expertise” to make the Platoon. I don’t know what that means, but the view was great and I had full peripheral view without noticing any sort of distortion. The stock photos of the Platoon don’t do it justice but make no mistake this is a spherical lens similar to the Anon Hawkeye, Electric EG2/EG2.5s, etc.

The Platoon came with two lenses which is an upgrade of many goggles on the market. The two included were a reflective Fire/Iridium that works great on when the sun is shining on those bluebird days. The Fire/Iridium lenses are useless for night/twilight riding but if you’re a late-night park rat the persimmon should do the trick. I swapped out to the persimmon lens for flat-light conditions in overcast weather.  Definitely having the two different lenses was a plus in my book.

Leo says: Superb FOV with the Spy Platoons.  In fact, after using them for a full day, it was hard to go back to my previous fave, Oakley Splice goggles.  The reason is, Platoons have minimal padding and frame material so they don’t protrude out from my face as much.  No distortion whatsoever.


Dave says: You can’t go wrong with the black metal-inspired graphics on the Danny Larsen pro model.

Leo says: Mine are just plain white with chrome tabs on the bottom.  Looks great to me

Pricing: $140+ is pretty much industry standard for new-fangled spherical lens. Take it or leave it.

Summing it up:

Dave says: They fit well, they’re comfotable, and the view is a noticeable improvement over both my old pair of goggles (Anon, Spy). If you’re in the market for spherical goggles like the Electric EG2, Oakley Crowbar or Anon Hawkeye, I’d add these to the list of shades to consider. Goggles fit everyone a little differently so what works for me might not work for you so try them on in your local shop & see what feels best.

Leo says: I love the Spy Platoons.  I’ve always wanted a bigger set of goggles, but the Smith I/O and Electric EG2 both fit my Asian face poorly.  I have 0 issues with the Platoons.  This is likely going to cause me to buy more sets


2 thoughts on “Spy Platoon Goggle Review

  1. sounds good. I’ve been running the splice, I love the field of vision but I do get a bad over the nose pressure point. I’ll have to check these guys out.

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