never summer funslinger

Never Summer Funslinger Review

Review by Adam Foster, snowboard instructor at Cannonsburg Ski Area. Never Summer Snowboards came out to my local resort for some board demo’s. So I thought I would take this chance to ride something new. So after teaching my lessons for the morning, I ran over and started talking to the rep. After talking for…

Trueninza facemasks

Trueninza Facemask & Bandana Mask Review

Covering your face is one of those overlooked things that you kind of need in all conditions. If it’s sunny you want a mask to keep from burning your face off, if it’s cold or windy you want a mask to keep from freezing your face off.

Irvine, CA-based TrueNinza has you covered with two options, the full bandana style or the smaller “mask”. They sent me one of each to review and I’ll be sure to update once we get some colder temps.

Rhythm Snowboards

Get Local: Rhythm Snowboards

Next up in the Get Local series is Rhythm Snowboards out of Massachusetts. After playing phone tag for a few days I was able to sit down and chat with Matt, one of the owners/founders of Rhythm Snowboards and get the scoop on who they are and what they’re doing.