Weekend Warrior: Snowboarding’s Core Rider?

Weekend warriors get a bad rap because they slave away for 40+ hours a week in their 10×10 cubicles, often planning the next snowboard trip while eating frozen lunches at their desk. They’re not considered to be “core” riders, and

Pando Winter Sports Park Remains Closed for 2016-2017

Pando Winter Sports Park (unofficially the birthplace of competitive snowboarding) was shut down last year after being acquired by neighboring Cannonsburg Ski Resort. At the time, speculation ran wild but Cannonsburg attempted to quell the community concerns, maintaining the intent

When It Happens [Full Movie]

If winter arrives and it never snows, did it really happen? I’m talking about ski resorts not opening until January, getting rained out or slushed out every other week and barely staying open the first week of March. That’s how

Flanel: Take Care

Following-up to last year’s Hype Era, Flanel released Take Care to a global premiere after the Cannonsburg Shredtoberfest event.