2014 Arbor Coda

2014 Arbor Coda Review

Arbor has given the Coda a brand new shape for 2014 and although I haven’t ridden this board before, I liked both the Blacklist and the Element RX that I’ve ridden in the past so I was anxious to see how well this all-mountain board would stack up. I was too busy riding knee deep…

2013 Forum Holy Moly II

2013 Forum Holy Moly II Review

This year’s Holy Moly II is basically an overhaul of the original so I’m not sure why they stuck with that name rather than call it something else.  I didn’t ride the original so I can’t make a comparison to that, but here’s how the very last “best park board in the world” stacks up.

2013 Arbor Blacklist

2013 Arbor Blacklist Snowboard Review

I’ve been hearing a lot about Arbor snowboards lately and although they’ve always appealed to me aesthetically with a lot of sexy woodgrain topsheets, I’ve never had a chance to ride one. This year at Test Fest I finally got a chance and started out with the Blacklist, a midwide true twin park-flexing all-mountain do-it-all board.

2012 Never Summer Proto C/T

2012 Never Summer Proto CT Review

The Never Summer Proto C/T is brand new for the 2012 lineup. It is a blunt shaped true twin with Never Summer’s Rocker+Camber tech and an invincible Carbonium topsheet. It is supposed to fall somewhere in between the Evo which is a true twin park dominator and the SL which is a slightly setback, directional all-mountain stick.

201 K2 Jipban

K2 Jibpan Review (2010)

Overall this is a great board; perfect for the intermediate rider who wants to gain confidence on the slopes and start playing in the park. Conditions were the common southern Michigan groomers. We did actually get 1 day of great snow so it was a somewhat “powder day”. It handled all of these very well.