Blackout went to Mount Bohemia with a Super 8 and put down this trippy, kaleidoscopy, pow-surfy, tree-bonky edit. It’s a little something different to hopefully help cure your springtime blues. Featuring: Jack Harris, Kyle Wood, John Kubiak, Mark Hartmann, Adam RottSchaffer and Stewart Smith DROHEMIA from Black Out on Vimeo.

The Impaler - Aidan Flanagan

The Impaler presents: Aidan Flanagan

Wall rides, creeper ledges, tree gaps (!), playground redirects, rail-to-rail transfers and massive methods, Aidan Flanagan’s got it all in the ender for The Impaler movie. Here’s his full part and it’s freaking mental THE IMPALER VIDEO: Aidan Flanagan (72 hours) from The Impaler on Vimeo. As with the other parts from The Impaler movie,…