Flanel: Take Care

Take Care (Teaser)

Take Care features Tyler May, Mac Eckstrand, Dan Pandzic, Trevor Newman, Charles Beck, Jack Harris, Eric Starke, Matt Miller, and Matt Ruhle, peep this now and get stoked for the full movie to drop later this year.



Blackout went to Mount Bohemia with a Super 8 and put down this trippy, kaleidoscopy, pow-surfy, tree-bonky edit. It’s a little something different to hopefully help cure your springtime blues. Featuring: Jack Harris, Kyle Wood, John Kubiak, Mark Hartmann, Adam RottSchaffer and Stewart Smith DROHEMIA from Black Out on Vimeo.

The Impaler - Aidan Flanagan

The Impaler presents: Aidan Flanagan

Wall rides, creeper ledges, tree gaps (!), playground redirects, rail-to-rail transfers and massive methods, Aidan Flanagan’s got it all in the ender for The Impaler movie. Here’s his full part and it’s freaking mental THE IMPALER VIDEO: Aidan Flanagan (72 hours) from The Impaler on Vimeo. As with the other parts from The Impaler movie,…