Birmingham Rail Jam Recap

Fourth Annual Birmingham Rail Jam, put on by the Don Thomas Sporthaus of Birmingham went down this past Saturday here’s what you missed.

Keeping the Shred Alive

You’re probably tired of reading about my Wasatch/Sierra/Teton/Cascade/Rockies envy, so here’s a curveball: Mountain Creek put on a fundraiser event last weekend called “Stockpile” which was basically a rail/jib-jam in 80-degree weather. Participants paid about $10 each to raise money to build a skateboard park in Vernon, New Jersey. It’s nice to see resorts giving back to the community and sponsoring events like this.

It’s Almost May, Who’s Still Shredding?

This is by no means a comprehensive list, so feel free to add to the list in the comments below (I’m sure Alyeska, AK is still open for business right now).

I’ve heard grumblings of another storm possibly making its way through the Wasatch. If true, Snowbird may remain open possibly as late as July 4.