Michigan Ski Resorts Snowball Run

I was inspired by a piece in the latest Snowboarder Mag where their editors went on a “Snowball Run” through the state of Vermont, aiming for 12 ski resorts in 24 hours. Knowing that Michigan is second only to New York state in terms of ski resorts, I figured I’d try to work out something similar.

Should You Take an Early Season Trip?

It’s that time of year,with Thanksgiving marking the official start for the winter season at most resorts, the snow’s falling and you want to ride, should you take an early season trip and get some of that snow?

What’s the Best Ski Resort to Visit in April?

I’ve never planned anything this late in the season, never done any research, have no idea what the typical weather is like anywhere this time of year, etc. I know last year was a bit of an outlier with all those April pow days but kinda hoping we might be able to snag one of those this year

Winter 2010-2011 Might be “Super La Nina”

By far the most promising forecasts come from the NOAA which is not predicting a “Super La Nina” event to persist until spring 2011. So, brace yourself for the worst (or, best) La Nina event in over 50 years! This could be the year that Mt. Baker (WA) gets hammered with 1,000 inches. It’s happened before, only a matter of time before it happens again.

SIA Snow Show

The SIA Snow Show brings together all the companies and products in the snow sports industries for one glorious weekend in Colorado. I’d like to go just to see and touch everything, maybe meet some cool people, demo a few boards, at the on snow event.