Taking Its Toll

Early morning corduroy, or late nights freshies, or playing hooky from work to lap the park for a few hours, or road trips with the nephew or some friends, tow ropes and parking lot beers. Overshooting. Shin music. Friends breaks his back, another breaksĀ his collarbone. The last few months feel like they’ve been non-stop and that’s taking its toll, ain’t it?

If you’re riding a lot, you’re not probably not 100% but you just press on and hope that pain in your back is nothing serious and it’s almost back to “normal” again, isn’t it?

The season will take a toll on you even if you do give yourself time to recover. But you don’t have time to recover. Winter is slipping through your hands like dust in the wind, dudes.

Before you know it, April. May. June. July. August. September. October. November. Maybe someone opens up at Thanksgiving?

Pray for that “Miracle March” but don’t bank on it. Make the most of what’s left. Get out and get after it. Stack the next three weekends with back-to-back cross country trips to Colorado and a family road trip up north. Pray for a late snowfall so you can squeeze another weekend in after that.

April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November.

You got plenty of time to recover. Just not now.


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