The Biggest Little Rail Jam for Autism – May 12, Reno NV

The first ever Biggest Little Rail Jam for Autism is going down May 12 in Reno, NV.

Sponsored by Bulletproof Energy drinks, Shotgun Snowboards, Wi-Me Snowboards, Smokin’ Snowboards, our friends at No Way Snowboards and about a bazillion other companies, the event should be a great one. I know Daniel from Shotgun boards has been brainstorming this jam for like 2 years and he’s been busting his ass the last few months to coordinate all the details in order to make this a successful rail jam and fundraiser for a worthy cause. Daniels says,

I just wanted to do something different than anything ever in this area, and I wanted the community to pull together and then benefit from it for a good cause (proceeds will be donated to Autism Matters). This is already the most media covered rail jam ever here.

HAD to do it NOT in Tahoe.

HAD to have punk bands only. Not reggae, or hip hop, or dub step off a laptop.

This is all about the roots of snowboarding here, kids.

There you have it from the man himself. Here’s some more details, a pic of the proposed set-up and the official event promo flyer for your enjoyment!

Where: Saturday, May 12 at the Corkscroo Bar & Grill in Reno, NV.

Why: To raise money for autism research duh.

The setup:  Stairset with down boxes on either side, one of which is banked, and kinked handrail in the middle. Looks rad!

Admission: is free for spectators to the event and the after-party, registration is $15 for competitors and registration begins at noon.

Entertainment: There will be live music from a bunch of local Reno/Tahoe area punk bands and the event will bleed in to an afterpart with DJ Ryon and live drummer Inkdup.

More info: Peep the event promo flyer below! Vendors, contestants, and those who wish to donate, can contact or

The Biggest Little Rail Jam for Autism



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