The Officially Unofficial NOPE Snowboards Timeline

Aside from the occasional comment I’ve tried to avoid Nope Snowboards but today I saw this in my newsfeed. The first thing that came to mind was, how can you possibly be a long-time supporter of a brand that’s less than a year old? We’re talking about a brand that didn’t even make it one complete winter season, after all.

Nope Snowboards


I probably will regret taking time out of my day to write this, but whatever.

Here is the officially unofficial Nope. Snowboards Timeline

  • Launched fall of 2011 selling limited edition made Nope.-branded Monson-built boards with a form-over-function focus on using the boards as a canvas on which to present custom artwork.

Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but it’s just a little disingenuous to be claiming OG when you’re outsourcing nearly every aspect of your product from the artwork to the R&D and tech to the manufacture.

  • Over the next few months they do the usual self-promotion that you would expect from an upstart snowboard brand: pictures, videos, lots of videos, teasers, giveaways of boards, skateboards, t-shirts, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with this, either, we do it whenever we can, it is self-promotion, putting your brand or name out there. Cool.

  • In April, YoBeat reports that Nope. is done for, shutting down. Out of the blue, the owners state they need to pursue other professional endeavors and conclude, “NOPE was started for us and it ends for us.”

Apparently Nope was never about the snowboarding or sticking it to the man or whatever else image they were trying to sell, it was about “us”, i.e., the owners having their fun and that’s all.

  • This was followed quickly by another post on Nope.’s facebook page; I have learned the hard way that you will get banned if you have the audacity to re-post this life lesson on their page:

There is more to life than snowboarding – there is life – a career – education – family – health – snowboarding is fun but for most everyone here it will never pay your bills or provide for your family – priorities – it’s just a hobby it’s not life

Look these words are absolutely 100% true. Snowboarding, for most snowboarders, is just a hobby. But most people don’t quit their day jobs to pursue it as a business. Once you do that, you can’t really fall back on the “just a hobby” excuse.

NOPE Snowboards was started as a statement against corporate america, venture capitol (sic) and all the rest. In such, NOPE Snowboards declined the opportunity and sold to a small group of friends here in Park City who believe in what we started. We wish them the best and we thank all those that helped us to realize our goals, the friends we made, and the people in the industry we came to know.

So… wait, they soldl Nope to a group of friends who think snowboarding is just a hobby and are in it for themselves?

  • In May they lined up some reps and started pushing hard in the Australia market.

The comments coming out from The Official Nope around this time (May 18) had a familiar tone to them. I had a sneaking suspicion that the old owners were still involved. Even my brother, who doesn’t snowboard at all, and would not be – by any standards – considered knowledgeable of the scene or the industry was able to see through this bullshit.

nope - dan gets it


Yes, I have a habit of saving screenshots of things that I think might be funny 3 months later.

  • Despite our suspicions, they continue to assert the claim that the old owners were no longer affiliated at all:

nope old owners

  • June was business as usual, and Nope brought together their team of riders to include some females, starting with Erika Vikander.

Of course, they say they are glad to have him back. Whether he ever actually left is a matter of speculation, but it’s also not really that important in the grand scheme of things. Whoever was at the helm continued the same posturing with the same attitude and no matter what anyone says Nope in July of 2012 is apparently the same as Nope ever was.

Well that’s the whole story, all eight months of it.

What will Nope be, or will they even exist two weeks, two months, two years from now?



32 thoughts on “The Officially Unofficial NOPE Snowboards Timeline

  1. Couple more problems – NOPE was marketing that a % of proceeds would go to Wounded Soliers and some Mental Illness programs. Well, I know that new companies don’t have profits in the first year – but NOPE must have known that because they must have a detailed, well thought out 5 year BUSINESS PLAN. All I heard was we sold out of this model and that model. OK lets see a photo of the check that was sent to these non-profit organizations. If there is no “proceeds” than you CAN NOT use these organizations to sell product!! I read quite a few posts from people who bought boards because of this TOTAL LIE! This is so fraudulent!! Some one should alert local and national news. These guys roll around PC with matching black hoodies in their Humvee and Porsche (used to have a BMW) ringing up big bar and restaurant bills acting like they are rolling in $$. In the real world – start up companies know they won’t turn a profit for a few years so they can’t afford a new car (or 3), they can’t afford a Team, no promo budget, no ads, no free boards to anyone! I know that you need to spend $ on marketing but you can also market without spending $. Two brands that come to mind that have done it right are Smokin Snowboards and Never Summer.

    1. Yep I forgot to mention that they were selling these boards with the hook of “charitable donations” that no doubt induced some people to buy from them. You’rre right though in the real world most start up companies are strapped for cash and most startups in ANY industry eventually go out of business in only a few years when they completely run out of money.

      1. Check with “store front project” homeless shelter for mentally ill – call them up and ask if they did anything charitable – YES in fact they gave there own money and clothing – as for start ups and your feeble understanding this company carried zero debt idiot because they are wealthy – god you write so much bs about them u would think you work for them. Ask anyone who works at the No Name in park city if they gave to vets, was a very emotional night due to Brian’s generosity this is all fact your articles are not – seems to me if you or the other douche bag bloggers wanted to report on them you would interview them but facing someone eye to eye is not for losers and ps unless you are getting paid to ride its a fucking hobby – dumb ass

        1. Hey fuck-o, I never said they didn’t make donations. I hope they did, at least then the world got something out of these clowns. It **is** possible to donate money and still be a world-class douchebag. You say that my article is “not fact”, but what in this article isn’t a fact? Everything I write above is a matter of record, and verifiable either through public channels or the screenshots and external links I’ve included.

    2. Or…you are a total moron and they did donate money to these charities despite the fact of how much personal profit they took from the purchases. Indicating its more important to donate to good causes then take 100% of profits. If you paid any real attention to them, you would know this and not be slandering them. But, like most of these people you run your mouths without knowing anything about them.

      1. The point is that a startup company doesn’t have ANY profit. Without any profit, how can you donate a portion of your profits to charity?

        Maybe they donated revenue, but I bet while they were busy losing money that way, their suppliers were not so thrilled about their charitable donations. This is probably not even allowed, legally speaking, your creditors have a legal RIGHT to your revenue before you can send any of it to charity.

          1. I’ve heard that too but I’m in no position to know whether that is accurate or, if it is, how much they cleared. In any case, that’s working/start-up capital not “profit” in all likelihood they would’ve had several obligations (loan guarantees, etc) specifically precluding them from pissing away their capital until they had established revenue. Realistically, if they said they would and they didn’t, it’s probably because they *couldn’t*, not because they were trying to scam people.

          2. Its very clear you people know nothing about the previous owners or what they did. Call them up and ask them. They would be happy to explain everything to you. I think you’d be shocked and would absolutely stop slandering them. It’s sad when people in your position run this garbage with pretty much no truthful information. I’m sorry for you

          3. Sometimes canned meat and chocolate is the only thing that will get you through. Shouldn’t Brain be posting things about his ‘company’ and not posting this self pity bull on the NOPE FB page???

          4. brian (the previos owner) is a mid 40s pervert / loser his ex wife left him because he got caught banging a 17 year old he has had several lawsuits against him he owes the IRS Thousands of dollars hes facing fraud charges for opening credit cards and joint accounts in his ex wifes name without her permisson or knowledge of that happening. He came out with a board desing for her trying to get her back being all desperate, the only reason he started the company is because he knew she loved to snowboard so he tried using that to get her back. He is still with the company and anyone who supports this company is a complete idiot. Ask him about the lawsuit in New York where his “business partners” went after him because they learned that he was a complete scumbag and a scam artist. He likes to talk alot of smack but as soon as someone says something about him he threatens to press charges. He deserves to be blasted on national news. he has the nerve to go out and buy expensive cars, blow money at bars and resturants when he the IRS thousands of dollars, several other companys money, and along with his ex thousands of $$

          5. Previous owners… I am pretty sure they are still involved… I tried to talk to them a couple times and I get blocked or banned.. And when we try let everyone know about it we get threatened with a lawsuit… Pretty sure a group of people “tarnishing” their business that involves throwing money at a company making snowboards does not give you free game to censor people because they are passionate about this subject. NONE of this would have happened if they just simply said “Hey yeah you guys have questions cool… hit us up in an email… “Instead they went the other way… Our fault for “slandering” them (whatever that means now… It seems to be a loose term these days) the way they handled things and still handle things will make people get on the hate train… But they are just laying the tracks.. All aboard!!!

          6. Anyone notice that Brian is now off the TEAM? His name was listed a few weeks ago, and poof, no more.

          7. This pic was also once on the NOPE FB page. It has been removed, along with the other one of B standing in front of his BMW looking like a turd.

          8. Is that maybe because he’s taking more of a managerial/marketing role? Not trying to defend him just tossing out some possibilities, I know they’re out making a push for young talent so maybe they decided he was a better asst elsewhere in the company.

  2. Look at you guys all worried about Nope.
    Wtf? With so much hatred and disgust.
    Nope. isn’t the ones I feel sorry for. Best wishes gentlemen!

    1. For real?

      I know they were hitting the East Coast pretty hard this summer doing promos and what-not… you got a source says they moved there permanent? I think they are still located in UT.

  3. “I know this drives bloggers crazy but hell that is why we do it – cuz we can” He IS such an arrogant excuse fora rider.

  4. ” I know this drives bloggers crazy but hell that is why we do it – cuz we can” Utter disrespect and arrogance from the NOPE crew, once again.

  5. But what????? Isn’t “There more to life than snowboarding – there is life – a career – education – family – health – snowboarding is fun but for most everyone here it will never pay your bills or provide for your family – priorities – it’s just a hobby it’s not life” – earlier in 2012

    How can ANYONE take NOPE seriously, even now? While NOPE may be (momentarily) sincere- see attached pic from Brian’s post of FB on 09/03/12- their offensive “just a hobby” comments still loudly resonate among the boarding community.

  6. Apparently they claim to have “expertise in Science” and say that “education is a good thing” and yet they are partially illiterate.

    Should be called DOPE!

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