ThirtyTwo TM-2 Snowboard Boot Review

Last weekend I bought a pair of ThirtyTwo snowboard boots, model year 2008/2009. I buy last years boots (and last year’s boards, and last year’s pants, etc.) because with few exceptions they are 99% as good as this year’s goods, and they cost half as much, or less. The TM-2 is a $250 boot that I got for $149.

TM2-in_actionHere’s what’s awesome about this boot:

  • Great heat moldable liners: very comfortable, soft.
  • Old-school lacing system: metal hardware components and D-ring uppers that won’t break or warp in the weather.
  • Rad amount of cushioning: in addition to the sole, the liner is nice and squishy and there is a footbed insert with an additional gel pocket for those icy, hardpack landings.

My previous pair of boots, a 2004/2005 ThirtyTwo TM-2, had a narrower foot area, especially the toe box. The toe box on the new TM-2 boots is wider, and more square. This is a definite plus, since I felt the older boots were narrower than average foot size. Additionally, the square toe-box means it is compatible with pretty much every brand of bindings on the market, including Burton.

The liner in the new TM-2 boot is more comfortable, slightly stiffer than the older boots. An articulated ankle means that this boot has more flex and less crimping/tightness around the ankle joint. I think it’s more forgiving than the older models.

The boot itself is relatively stiff. ThirtyTwo rates it a 7/10 (with 10 being most stiff). It’s not too stiff to drop a couple laps in the park, but I probably wouldn’t ride this boot if all I wanted to do was jib handrails.

Because this boot is stiff, and because ThirtyTwo boots don’t pack out as much as some other brands, have them heat-molded before you ride them. They’ll be much easier on your feet the first few sessions while you’re breaking them in.

I loved my old pair of ThirtyTwo TM-2s, but after only two days on the slopes this year, I love these ones waaaay more. They’re better fitting, easier to lace, more padded, and easier to break in.

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