Trueninza Facemask & Bandana Mask Review

Covering your face is one of those overlooked things that you kind of need in all conditions. If it’s sunny you want a mask to keep from burning your face off, if it’s cold or windy you want a mask to keep from freezing your face off.

Irvine, CA-based TrueNinza has you covered with two options, the full bandana style or the smaller “mask”. They sent me one of each to review and I’ll be sure to update once we get some colder temps.

Trueninza facemasks
Trueninza facemasks, from top to bottom: "Mask", "Bandana"

Fit/Comfort: Both masks can secure to your dome by way of some nylon loops around your ears. The full bandana also has velcro closure in the back to get the fit just tight enough. A plastic-covered wire in the mask allows for custom tightening around the noseular region. Both were pretty soft and comfortable because they are lined with a material called “minky” which is what they use to make baby clothes.

Breathable mouth hole on the Bandana facemask
Breathable mouth hole on the Bandana facemask

Coverage: The two masks cover differently I guess for different uses:

  • The bandana covers your nose, cheeks, mouth, chin and neck pretty well, and has a breathable section over your mouth to keep you from suffocating on your own frozen breath. This one will give you maximum coverage.
  • The smaller “mask” basically fits like a surgeon’s mask and is just enough to cover the exposed part of your face (cheeks, mouth, chin & nose) without being a full wraparound. It doesn’t cover your neck at all so this would be good if you have a hooded jacket with a good turtleneck style liner or internal gater of some sort.

Sizing: Currently the masks come in one size (well, two sizes if you count the two different masks, but they’re not really the same thing) which should fit all but the fattest or tiniest adult human heads.  Trueninza is currently working to develop a childs size mask in time for this winter as well.

Performance: The true test of coverage will come when the snow starts falling, and when it does I’ll update this review with detail about how they perform in the elements.

Styling: Their standard offerings are all pretty colorful, fun and almost “anime” like graphics. These are not really my cup of tea as I’d prefer a more traditional bandana print or color blocks.

Fortunately they do offer custom orders, and although this was originally set up for wholesale (shops, resorts, etc.) after talking with them they are going to offer custom orders for individuals, too. There is no minimum order, but you’ll have to contact Trueninza directly to inquire about pricing and timing for a custom print.

Made-in-the-USA: Trueninza makes their masks right here in the USA, even the cardboard for packaging is printed in the US.

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