Two Videos You Should Watch

I’ve been watching clips here and there, some good, some not so good, some inspired, some not.  Gotta do something during the summer to keep the shred alive.  Anyways, here’s two you might not have seen but take a look at them.

First, a pro-edit teaser from Horsefeathers: Shit Happens — When half your crew can’t get their Visa to shred Iran, stay in Europe and shred the Czech republic! Castle drops and windmill handplants. Seriously. I love an edit with a good background story, and what better than the video-shoot that got completely FUBAR?

Next up is an amateur edit: SHORTS & SHADES 3!!! from Tre Squad. — These guys are just having an absolute blast, wrapping up what looks to be the end of the season at Bachelor. Big airs, flippers, and creative jibbing but IMO the soundtrack isn’t killer.

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