Watch It! Wednesday

Although they’re probably as well-known for their shenanigans and hospital visits as they are for rail-riding shred edits, the Ice Coast Kills Shit crew can also put together a documentary.

Rail Rager 2 takes us through the set up and the excitement that was, well, Rail Rager 2: invite your friends over to ride some corry-p and surprise them with a full-blown homebrew snow park with a jump set and a rail set built in someone’s backyard and/or part of one of the many abandoned ski areas that the East coast is known for.

ICKS Rail Rager 2011 from IceCoast on Vimeo.

As always, the ICKS crew delivers kegs of beer, bong rips, broken jaws, and oh snowboarding, too.  They narrate the process of building this setup, organizing the event, and then take you through the whole thing so you can almost feel like you were there, except without the hangover or bloodshot eyes.

“Give that kid some beer and weed because we don’t have any fuckin’ prizes!”

Yeah, YoBeat covered this one a long time ago but I don’t care. Watch It! Wednesday isn’t always about brand-spanking-new stuff.

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