Why Did Obama Ruin Snowvember?

Cold weather was supposed to be on the way soon, bringing with it the promise of early-season skiing and riding across much of North America. Unfortunately, many of us have had our hopes dashed by unseasonably warm weather which appeared seemingly out of nowhere.

Not surprisingly, mainstream science and meteorologists have been silent on this issue. But I think that after watching this clearly sane and non-tinfoil hat Youtube video, that the only plausible explanation is malicious weather manipulation foisted on us by Barack Obama.

Why would he do this? Well I think the answer is obvious: He used top-secret weather manipulation to create the perfect storm Hurricane Sandy to manipulate public opinion in his favor to win the election. Everyone knows that Mitt Romney would botch any attempt to appear charitable or otherwise “in-touch” with lowly commoners who would bear the brunt of the storm’s destructive forces and would therefore lose the election, so by creating Hurricane Sandy, an Obama re-election was guaranteed.

As further evidence of the effects of this weather manipulation I present several screenshots which I took for Grand Blanc, MI only two days apart. The first shows favorable snowmaking weather (despite some possible rain) beginning on November 11 and extending more or less through the rest of the month.

Grand Blanc, MI - Forecast, November 5, 2012
Figure 1: Ample snowmaking opportunities, highlighted in green

The second screenshot is the forecast for the same location, two days later, on Wednesday November 7. Note that the overnight low on November 11 has increased by TWENTY DEGREES FAHRENHEIT and that there are now days favorable for snowmaking until at least November 27.

Grand Blanc, MI - Forecast, November 7, 2012
Figure 2: Days that snowmaking is impossible are indicated with a crude red "X".


So, when you are NOT SNOWBOARDING FOR THANKSGIVING, remember that it is all Obama’s fault.

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