Why Do Snowboarders Sit Down So Much? (If You Have to Ask, You’re an Idiot)

Recall the chairlift ski couple, early 40’s asking ridiculous questions straight out of 1994, like, “I didn’t know skiers and snowboarders could be friends?”  Well, among the host of stupid questions they asked us in that painful 7-minute chairlift ride, they dropped the “why do snowboarders sit down so much?” bomb, too.

Honestly though, this question has been asked and answered so many times in the last 30 years, that I actually felt sorry for these people’s kids. What it must be like to grow up in a household with parents as ignorant as this, I can only imagine.  But in case they’re out there, or in case anyone else really doesn’t know the answer to that question yet…

“Why do snowboarders always sit down so much?”

When a snowboarder points the nose of his board across the fall-line instead of straight down hill, he is now positioned in such a manner that in order to keep from sliding down the hill, he has to be in some more-or-less  squatting position which exerts a lot of pressure on the quadriceps if  facing downhill (or the calves if facing uphill).

Skiers on the other hand have two edges instead of one, and when they point their tips across the fall-line instead of down it, they’re able to put weight on one leg and balance with the other leg, all-the-while keeping the weight-bearing leg more or less locked at the knee, so it’s not terribly strenuous.

Also, do not underestimate the difficulty posed by maintaining this precarious and exhaustive balance, on a single edge, on a snowy, icy grade. Most skiers compensate for this by using two poles on which they can balance and rest, sort of like crutches for an invalid, since the vast majority of skiers wouldn’t know a pole-plant from a dick-slap.

The shorter, more politically correct response is: because it’s difficult to stand on a hill, on a snowboard.  That is all.  This question is always asked by skiers who take for granted the fact that they’re able to stand upright only because of the differences inherent to our respective equipment.

3 thoughts on “Why Do Snowboarders Sit Down So Much? (If You Have to Ask, You’re an Idiot)

  1. Good points about the effort exerted between skiers and snow-boarders. Only problem I have is when boarders are sitting atop the hill/mountain or especially when they’re chilling in the middle of the hill taking a break. Get to the sides, get out of people ways, and when you’re ready shred.

    Wanker Two Planker

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