Will Mt. Brighton Have the Best Terrain Park in Michigan?

Hot off the facebook presses, Mt. Brighton (now part of the Vail Resorts family) has crazy ambitious plans for the 2013-2014 winter, including a totally new terrain park that will cover a considerable part of their skiable terrain.

As I’ve been saying for a long time if you’re going to put up a ski hill in the 21st century on 300 vertical feet, you better make damn sure you’ve got a good terrain park.  It looks like they will be putting some of that $10M to good use.This ain’t no joke, folks. Jumps of all different sizes, a mini pipe, rails galore.

Mt. Brighton Terrain Park Plans

Ambitious plans for Mt. Brightons 2013-2014 terrain park

I don’t think it is an exaggeration to say that, if this park materializes, it will definitely surpass Cannonsburg, and would give any northern MI resort (Boyne, Nubs Nob, Schuss Mountain) a serious run for their money.

The Epic Local Pass is on sale now for something like $529, which includes (holiday-restricted) access to all of the Vail properties.


7 thoughts on “Will Mt. Brighton Have the Best Terrain Park in Michigan?

  1. This looks to be on par with Cannonsburg’s parks last season, but I’d wait until their 2013-14 park plans, including the expanded Monster City Park go public before making the claim that they will “definitely surpass Cannonsburg”. Mt Brighton won’t be the only one stepping up its game this year. Just sayin’. ;)

    • Ahhh I’m just stirring up some trouble :)

      I’ll definitely keep my eye out for CBurg’s expanded plans and update accordingly! You guys do a spectacular job over on the west side of the state — we’ve been severely lacking on the east side so it’s great to see this move from Brighton/Vail and hopefully it encourages more resorts to follow suit.

    • While this might be true, this will still be a super improvement since I am from the metro-detroit area and it’s hard to just go up to Cannonsburg and other resorts up north.

    • LOL someone wanted me to do a review and take pictures of the closing day there, when half the hill was grass, and compare it to Hawk Island… I didn’t think that would be fair :)

      They made some improvements from their early season setup, and overall the park was pretty fun, but definitely was not the best in the State or even in SE Michigan.

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