Will the World Cup Pay for Shaun White?

It’s pretty obvious why the World Cup wants Shaun White to compete: adding him to the list of competitors will bring in more TV viewers, allowing for more TV advertising and corporate sponsorship money, so it’s good for business, but will he compete?

According to Norwegian press,  Shaun White is asking for a celebrity appearance fee of about $86,000 (original link) to compete in the World Cup, a sum which Henning Andersen, Snowboard World Cup CEO describes as “out of the question”. Mr. Andersen, I’m glad you’re taking a stand and hope you stick to your guns on this.

Chewing gum, Target apparel, razor scooters, toilet brushes or whatever else he’s whoring out now is just superficially selling out. At the end of the day these things don’t matter (don’t mention the Oakley Shaun White Air & Style comp that he didn’t participate in).  When people say they don’t like the ginger kid, it’s this “I’m bigger than the sport” attitude that has a lot to do with it. He might be bigger than the sport, but that doesn’t preclude him from occasionally acting with a little humility.

What do you think, is demanding a celebrity appearance fee to take part in a world championship level competition taking it just a little bit too far?


10 thoughts on “Will the World Cup Pay for Shaun White?

  1. No, I think he’s just a very smart business man. He’s not a “sell out”. I’m no teenie bopper I am old enough to be his Mom, but who can blame the guy? He also has been the “face” of the sport for quite a while now. And as you said if he competes they WILL get the TV audience, it’s a proven fact. If he doesn’t? Well, some will watch but face facts….Other sports celebs ask the prices, so why shouldn’t he? Take a look at the contracts of the major NFL and baseball athletes…..Shaun has every right to get the money….Plus a lot of his tricks on the snowboard and skateboard are extremely dangerous….I say more power to him. If he competes I’ll watch, if not…I may just go wash my car or something.

    1. If he had asked for more money from his sponsors (Burton, Oakley, etc.) I wouldn’t have a problem with it. As I understand it – and it’s difficult to read the google-translation so I may not have it all straight – he is essentially asking for money from the SWC. Maybe I am just nitpicking but I think there is a difference. That’s just my take though. Thanks for weighing in on this!

      1. Well, another thing is… it’s probably Shaun Whites manager that is asking for this price. Shaun White might be in the position of “I don’t give a flying tomato”.

  2. The snowboard world cup has a long history of being hated by most snowboarders. It is run by the FIS, the international ski federation, and has been run poorly, and even boycotted by big names like Terje. Aside from the pipe jocks that make their living on the tour, most big names compete only so they can make the minimum number of points required to qualify for the Olympics, white being one of them. The year before the Olympics he only competed in 2 world cups, the minimum he needed to. He doesn’t need to collect points, and very few riders put up with the FIS bullshit for fun.

  3. He has forgotten what this sport is all about. Shaun is no longer someone I wish to identify the sport with. Terje is, and will always be, the main man. Shaun – go home..

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