Winter 2010-2011 Shred Vacation Plans

Awww hell. It’s only August but I’m already trying to get a handle on this winter.  What are we planning for the 2010-2011 winter?  If everything goes absolutely perfectly and I get all my permission slips signed, in addition to my Wednesday evening park sessions at Pine Knob or Saturday afternoon backyard or rail sessions with some local guys, I’d like the winter to look something like this:

Unless snow totals are abysmal we’ll be taking our annual pre-Christmas weekend up North, probably at Crystal Mountain. This usually works out good because the kiddies are still in school, and lift & lodging rates don’t get really expensive until Christmas week, so we can save a few bucks.

I absolutely have to find a way to get to Mount Bohemia (I’ve already planned this trip!), Michigan.  Sure it’s a 10+ hour drive but they’ve got 980 vertical feet, and legit slackcountry.  I could probably wrangle up a few people to caravan up there over President’s Day or MLK weekend in January or February if the weather is good.

I would like to get up to Blue Mountain, Ontario. It’s not too far away, but I’ve never been. This would be for a long weekend probably. If the weather there isn’t favorable, I’d consider taking the AmTrak over to Vermont but timing and finances make that less-probable.

Sometime in March I’d like to get back up for a full weekend to one of the Nubs Nob/Boyne resorts, in northern Michigan. I’ll probably get up to Crystal a few times with the nephew, but it would be fun to get up to Crazy Days at Boyne if there’s still snow on the ground.

A late-season trip somewhere West of the Mississippi.  This could be virtually anywhere from the Sierra Nevadas to the Rockies to the Cascades to the Tetons to the Canadian Rockies or the Wasatch or some crazy combination of multiple places.  But it’s far too early to make any plans – even tentative plans – for that.

So we may be doing a lot of Midwest/Michigan riding this winter especially if the La Nina comes through and gives us a crapload of snow, putting all our eggs in one basket and heading West sometime in April after all the snow melts around here.  I’m gonna shoot for 40 days on the slopes this season, and I think this might be a good way to maximize winter.


10 thoughts on “Winter 2010-2011 Shred Vacation Plans

  1. if you happened inot the Wasatch past April you could get the late season pass at the bird for only $275… it lasts from April 1st to closing day in late june early july .. it’d pay for itself in only four days plus if you get an itch in June you can tell your wife “look honey the ridings paid for we just gotta get a cheap plane ticket to SLC” haha… just an option to toss out there

  2. Have you ever thought about getting a season pass. I am thinking about getting one to Alpine this year. (it is super close to me, and their park kills Pine Knob). I will meet you on some wednesdays though for park night!! Tear it up!!

    • I’ve considered it. I had a pass a few years ago for Crystal Mountain. But the past few years PK and MH have participated in the discount lift ticket program with Shell Gasoline. Put 10 gallons of gas in your truck & get a voucher for buy-one/get-one-free lift tickets (weekdays only). So that works out to $15 lift tickets. You’d have to ride about 30+ days to break even at those rates.

      Right now a pass at PK/MH is about $450 I think and it’s an extra $150 if you want to use it at both hills.

      I consider it, but I’m really hoping the SHell offer continues this year.

      Alpine didn’t participate in the program though, just about every other resort in MI did.

  3. The shell deal sounds sweet. One of the only reasons I want to get the pass to Alpine is because I can go there after work, hit it up for an hour or two and go home without a ton of driving. 450 to 500 bucks for a pass is so crazy in the midwest.. I think I would only have to go to alpine about 15 times to make it worth it, and I will not be a Alpine valley snob, as I still want to rip the other places as well.

  4. Yeah, $450-$500 is steep for those places. I remember having the Colorado Super Pass in 2003 which got you into Arapahoe Basin, Beaver Creek, Vail, Breckenridge, and Keystone for $370. I’m sure its more now. Cool thing was that it was good year round so you could take your mountain bike there in the summer and throw it on the chairlift and ride all day. Maybe if Mt.Holly or the “Throb at the Knob” as Uncle Ted calls it offered mountain biking in the summer it would justify the price.

  5. I can get to PK in about 20 minutes from my office, but the drive home is about twice that far. Still, if I had a pass I could justify going up there just for an hour or two instead of going to the gym every night.

    I think i’m going to stick to my once-weekly PK or Mount Holly thrash, on weekends avoid the crowds. Garrett is going to set up a kicker & a rail on his lot so maybe Saturday sessions there?

  6. Just some points about Blue Mountain in Ontario.
    It’s the biggest public resort in Souther Ontario with the best restaraurnts/bars/shoping etc on site. Weekends it is extremely crowded with everyone from the city up there, both day and night. Also to ride the park you have to have a Park Pass. $10 for the year. Hope this info helps.

    • Thanks for the info, Jason! I’m definitely accustomed to (but still hate!) the weekend crowds at the Michigan resorts. They’re a necessary evil IMO since I can’t really take a bunch of time off mid-week to go places – and even if I could, nobody else could go with me!

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